How Digital Marketing Has Evolved Over the Past Decade

With the rise in popularity and volume of social platforms over the past 10 years, marketing

strategies have undergone major shifts. Each year, communication streams continue to multiply and customers gravitate more toward bold visuals and convenient, user-friendly technology.

We’ve identified 3 major shifts in digital marketing since 2010 along with strategies to navigate to these shifts in 2021:

1. The Increase In Access To Products And Services

In 2020 alone, almost 1 million new U.S. businesses were introduced. With the option to operate a business with an entirely digital product or service, it’s easier than ever to start a company.

This means differentiating your company’s product through digital marketing is more important than ever. How can you set apart your product? Creating brand recognition and relevance among competitors is the best place to start. One key strategy is building a clear and detailed brand guide to establishing color, logo and communicative consistency across all platforms.

2. The Rise Of Influencer Marketing

Instagram and Youtube spearheaded the era of influencer marketing. Ten years ago, companies began to partner with popular YouTubers, paying them to showcase a product in a video that would rack up millions of views. Once Instagram was introduced, users with even just a few thousand followers could become “influencers,” receiving free gear and sponsorships if they shared photos enjoying a company’s product.

People are quick to take famous and successful user’s suggestions, which is what makes influencer marketing so powerful. Even sponsoring an account with 10-20k on Instagram or TikTok can increase your sales significantly as long as that user’s following falls within your target market.

3. The Importance Of A Multi-Platform Approach

Ten years ago, a website was the main channel of reaching customers in a digital setting. While websites are still foundational for building a digital presence, now potential customers consume media in a variety of other forms each day.

Incorporating a multi-platform marketing campaign has become a must for staying relevant as a brand. Whether it’s filming Tiktok videos with trendy sounds, creating interactive Instagram stories, curating witty Tweets, writing relevant blogs or even recording podcast episodes, it’s crucial to generate engaging content for various platforms.

The digital marketing sector is changing now more than ever and it’s challenging to keep up with trends that may last only a month or two. We want to know what you do to stay up-to-date. Let us know in the comments!