Increasing Productivity In Your Office And Cultivating A Positive Work Environment

A positive work environment is key to the success of a company. During the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, I sat down with the Executive Director of a well known nonprofit to discuss with him the importance of a company’s work environment. He said that a company has to take care of their employees first, above all else, because employees who are well taken care of will, in return, take care of customers and then shareholders as well. The company that I met with takes care of their employees by providing all staff members with lunch on Mondays, fun family dinner potlucks, and gifts throughout the year. The Executive Director also mentioned the importance of job security during the pandemic. He knew that many employees might fear losing their jobs due to the economic downturn so instead of just telling his employees that they didn’t need to worry about losing their jobs, he showed them by showing generosity to the community with a “generosity match”. Up to a certain amount, the company would match any donation an employee made to a nonprofit in need. The Executive Director said that he wanted to encourage employees to live generously so he set an example through his nonprofit. He said that in an organization money isn’t the problem, money is what points to the problem and that money will follow good leadership and vision.

Morale creates a positive work environment which in return increases productivity. Through firsthand experience and watching companies develop I have found 3 ways to help companies develop a positive work environment that will increase productivity.

1. Staff

A company’s staff is everything. If the Directors and Editors of a company are not enthusiastic and excited to lead their teams, then individual staff members won’t be excited to do the work either. Hire directors, editors, and employees with drive and passion, because one employee’s positive or negative attitude can make or break a work environment. Directors of companies that are personable, open to ideas, and want to help employees achieve their personal goals make a huge difference. I worked for a newspaper as an Editor and our Editor in Chief was offered the opportunity to be on Paul Finebaum’s show to discuss SEC football. She chose to pass this opportunity along to our Sports Editor whom she thought was more qualified and she believed that this opportunity would mean more to him than it would for herself. This is good leadership and it is safe to say that the Sports Editor has secured his career in sports journalism, because our Editor in Chief wanted to help him achieve his goals.

2. Team Bonding

It is understandable that many companies may not be able to afford to cater food and provide gifts to their employees throughout the year, but game nights and potluck dinners are a great way for staff to bond without breaking the bank. A little healthy competition breaks down nerves and can quickly loosen up new staff. Take your staff to Trivia night or Bingo night at a bar, or go to a baseball game, or have a potluck or barbecue to watch a football game or just to meet up.

3. Encouragement & Recognition

Remember that employees have worked hard on their projects and that when you critique their work, you are critiquing work they have spent hours on. When you think that your staff member has done a good job on a project, make sure to let them know. By offering positive encouragement, you are reassuring them that their work is valued and important, and your employees will want to continue to provide you with quality work.